Sillat (Bridges)

Sil­lat is a pro­ject which builds brid­ges between people who come from dif­fe­rent backgrounds. The pro­ject is based on func­tio­nal peda­go­gy and cul­tu­ral sen­si­ti­ve approach. Its acti­vi­ties inclu­de groups, events, works­hops and trai­nings.

Tuu ja tee! -group

Do you want to meet new people, speak Fin­nish and do dif­fe­rent things toget­her? May­be you want to sha­re your skills and know­led­ge with others? In Tuu ja tee! -group we learn by doing things toget­her.

Group is faci­li­ta­ted by Maria Typ­pö and Nora Som­ly­ody and it’s free of char­ge.
Jyvä­lä, Mon­days, Jan. 14th-May 20th 5:30 PM-7 PM

Next event:

Kaik­ki pelaa! -peli­päi­vä (Eve­ry­bo­dy plays! -game day)
Jyvä­lä, Satur­day, Nov. 10th 12 PM-3 PM

Sil­lat is also on Face­book.

More infor­ma­tion
Maia Fan­di
p. 050 465 8341