Kotokolo courses (UMAKO literacy training)

Koto­ko­lo lite­racy cour­ses are desig­ned for immi­grants who­se situa­tion in life is best sui­ted for stu­dying in small groups wit­hout pres­su­re and who have a valid resi­dence per­mit and an inte­gra­tion plan. Koto­ko­lo cour­ses offer special gui­dance for illi­te­ra­tes and stay-at-home parents (small children can also attend once a week). Cour­ses are free of char­ge and have no age limit.

Next cour­ses:

Koto­ko­lo 3A (with children):
Mon­days Feb. 4th-Jun. 3rd at 10 AM-11.30 AM

Mee­ting place: NNKY, Puis­to­to­ri 4.

Koto­ko­lo 3B (wit­hout children):
Tues­days, Wed­nes­days, Thurs­days and Fri­days
Mar. 5th-Jun. 26th at 9 AM-10.45 AM.

Mee­ting place: Jyvä­lä, Palo­kun­nan­ka­tu 16.

More infor­ma­tion and regi­stra­tions:
Roi­ja Afla­tu­ni
p. 040 588 2380