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The basis for sett­le­ment work is the belief in the empowe­ring effect of com­mu­na­li­ty. Sett­le­ment work covers the enti­re spect­rum of life and rea­li­ses the ideals of equa­li­ty and com­mu­na­li­ty in prac­tice. The Sett­le­ment of Jyvä­lä is a non-govern­men­tal orga­niza­tion which inclu­des an adult educa­tion cent­re, after school acti­vi­ties for children, civic acti­vi­ty and child, youth and fami­ly work.  In addi­tion, Jyvä­lä car­ries out pro­jects and orga­nizes events for people of all ages.  Jyvä­lä is gui­ded by the values of equa­li­ty, com­mu­na­li­ty, par­tici­pa­tion and mee­ting, sup­por­ting and res­pec­ting others.

The sett­le­ment work in Jyväs­ky­lä dates back to the 1940’s. Cur­rent­ly the Sett­le­ment of Jyvä­lä offers a varie­ty of educa­tio­nal and rec­rea­tio­nal cour­ses, as well as oppor­tu­ni­ties for mul­ticul­tu­ral encoun­ters in a com­mu­nal atmosp­he­re. We sup­port new Finns in their inte­gra­tion, and nati­ve Finns to life in a mul­ticul­tu­ral Fin­land. We ope­ra­te joint­ly with volun­teer wor­kers and pro­fes­sio­nals from local needs, with and amongst people. The Sett­le­ment House ser­ves as a mee­ting place for all the citizens of Jyväs­ky­lä. We encou­ra­ge people to plan and execu­te acti­vi­tes them­sel­ves and make the Sett­le­ment of Jyvä­lä a place whe­re eve­ry­one feels welco­me, che­ris­hed and able to achie­ve their per­so­nal goals.

Jyvä­län kan­sa­lais­opis­to

is an agi­le adult educa­tion cent­re which bases its cur­ricu­lum on the needs and wis­hes of munici­pal citizens. Dif­fe­rent fields of stu­dy inclu­de the well-being of body and mind and the enhance­ment of know­led­ge and skills. The adult educa­tion cent­re offers educa­tion also for immi­grants and cour­ses in English.

Com­mis­sio­ned educa­tion

can be arran­ged by the adult educa­tion cent­re for various occa­sions, such as rec­rea­tio­nal days or pri­va­te par­ties. Educa­tion can be arran­ged quickly at Jyvä­lä or at any cho­sen loca­tion.

Jyvä­län Jälk­kä­rit

orga­nizes super­vi­sed and cont­rol­led after school acti­vi­ties for young children in the Jyväs­ky­lä area. Jälk­kä­rit pro­vi­des children with a safe and com­for­table after­noon and sup­ports their gene­ral well-being and health.

Child, youth and fami­ly work

orga­nizes hob­bies and camps for 7–15-year-old children and events for children, tee­na­gers and fami­lies. The aim is to sup­port parent­hood and the well-being of the enti­re fami­ly.

Civic acti­vi­ty

sup­ports citizens in beco­ming acti­ve mem­bers of socie­ty and empowers them to arran­ge dif­fe­rent types of groups and events them­sel­ves. Eve­ry­one is welco­me to plan and execu­te acti­vi­ties.

Volun­teer work

offers inte­res­ting tasks in various groups and acti­vi­ties. Volun­tee­ring oppor­tu­ni­ties inclu­de mul­ticul­tu­ral work and events.

Mul­ticul­tu­ral work

Avai­met onnis­tu­mi­seen (Keys to success)
Pro­gram for young immi­grants living in Jyväs­ky­lä

Koto­ko­lo cour­ses (UMAKO lite­racy trai­ning)

Sil­lat (Brid­ges)


Jyvä­lä has a lot of expe­rience with pro­jects that concern emplo­y­ment, life cont­rol and social empower­ment. Pro­jects have been fun­ded by the city of Jyväs­ky­lä, The Cent­re for Eco­no­mic Deve­lop­ment, Trans­port and the Envi­ron­ment of Cent­ral Fin­land, Finland’s Slot Mac­hi­ne Associa­tion, STEA, ESR, Regio­nal Sta­te Admi­ni­stra­ti­ve Agency and pri­va­te foun­da­tions.

The Sett­le­ment House

offers various spaces for rent. The spaces are sui­table for educa­tio­nal and group acti­vi­ties, busi­ness con­fe­rences, events and pri­va­te par­ties.

Sup­port Jyvä­lä

by beco­ming a mem­ber, by giving your time or by dona­ting mate­rials and equip­ments. You can also sup­port Jyvä­lä financial­ly by giving a dona­tion, by buying a gift vouc­her to the adult educa­tion cent­re or by ren­ting a space from the Sett­le­ment House.

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