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Keys to Success
(Avaimet onnistumiseen)
Program for Young Immigrants Living in Jyväskylä

Jyvä­län Kan­sa­lais­opis­to offers free of char­ge mul­ticul­tu­ral Fin­nish lan­gua­ge and cul­tu­re stu­dy pro­gram “Avai­met onnis­tu­mi­seen” for young immi­grants. This pro­gram is desig­ned to help you to inte­gra­te in Fin­nish socie­ty by lear­ning the lan­gua­ge, by strengt­he­ning your know­led­ge and skills of life mana­ge­ment and by get­ting bet­ter stu­dy and work oppor­tu­ni­ties for the futu­re. Our topics of discus­sion rela­te to cul­tu­re, social envi­ron­ment, health and hap­pi­ness as well as mat­ters of eve­ry­day and futu­re life. Fin­nish lan­gua­ge is taught accor­ding to your level of lan­gua­ge in groups of 5 to 10 stu­dents. In addi­tion we offer works­hops with music, exerci­se, han­dic­rafts, coo­king and com­pu­ter skills. We also make visits to near­by places in Jyväs­ky­lä. In addi­tion to group hours we can offer time for pri­va­te coun­se­ling and assis­tance. Our approach is gen­der and cul­tu­re sen­si­ti­ve. When nee­ded, we can adjust the pro­gram and sche­du­le of stu­dying accor­ding to your pre­fe­rences.

Cour­ses 2019:
Long inten­si­ve cour­se 20 hours a week
Sept. 17th 2018-Mar. 29th 2019, stu­dy hours from Mon­day to Fri­day between 9 AM-2 PM – all topics desc­ri­bed abo­ve
Short cour­se 18 hours a week
Apr. 15th-Jun. 20th 2019, stu­dy hours from Mon­day to Thurs­day between 9 AM-1.30 PM – Fin­nish les­sons only

Whe­re do we stu­dy?
Our headquar­ters Vii­ta­jy­vä is in Vii­ta­nie­mi, just a few kilo­met­res away from down­town Jyväs­ky­lä and easi­ly acces­sible by bus­ses. See our address in the con­tact infor­ma­tion below.

The pro­gram is fun­ded by the Mini­stry of Educa­tion. It is free of char­ge for par­tici­pants. If you are client of the Te-office (Emplo­y­ment office) and KELA, you can apply for ext­ra financial assis­tance whi­le stu­dying at our pro­gram.

Who can apply and how?
The pro­gram is avai­lable for 17–29 year old immi­grants who have a resi­dence per­mit, who are unemplo­yed and not enrol­led in any other school or stu­dy pro­gram.

Plea­se don’t hesi­ta­te to con­tact us if you got inte­res­ted and want to come for a visit to get some more infor­ma­tion and apply for the group. The­re is no for­mal applica­tion form to fill in but you can send us a short int­ro­duc­tion of your­self by text mes­sa­ge (see con­tact infor­ma­tion below). And if you alrea­dy know Fin­nish lan­gua­ge, plea­se try to use it as you con­tact us. We will then reply to you and invi­te you for an inter­view.

Loo­king forward to hea­ring from you soon!

Contact information

Roi­ja Afla­tu­ni
040 588 2380

Jyvä­län Kan­sa­lais­opis­to /
Avai­met onnis­tu­mi­seen
Vii­ta­nie­men­tie 11–13
40720 Jyväs­ky­lä
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